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Qingzi Optical has been providing first class Wholesale women eyeglasses services for over 20 years. From design, to frame manufacturing, to assembly and delivery, we have the ability to do it all.

Custom Women Eyeglasses

QIngzi Optical offers complete women's Eyeglasses manufacturing services. Our business eyewear customization, development, design, and bulk stock for sale. Online prescription eyeglasses, bulk wholesale. We have a wide selection of raw materials including metal, acetate, tr90, titanium, and other high-quality materials. Our eyeglasses are available for everyone, both individual and business users, for different volumes of customers: supermarkets, businesses, independent websites, e-commerce platforms, emerging entrepreneurs, women's eyeglasses dealers, and more, we can provide maximum support. For your business in terms of inventory, reduce the risk of capital and increase your revenue! In addition, QIngzi Optical can create customized women's eyeglasses to fit your business. No matter what your needs are, we have the best fit for ladies' eyeglasses! For your upcoming project requiring ladies' eyewear, contact us. Then, explore how we can help you with your ladies' eyewear manufacturing needs.


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Features for Women Eyeglasses

Fashion Women's Eyeglasses

With 20 years of experience in eyewear production and hundreds of partners, we develop and produce 1000's of Fashion eyewear, we keep up with the trends for your eyewear business. Contact us now to start cooperation!

Customized Women's Eyeglasses

Provide customized glasses service, tell us the style you want, we can customize for you, material, size, color, pattern. 20 years of production process can make all kinds of glasses perfectly!

Eco-friendly Women's Eyeglasses

We are an eco-friendly supplier and we have always promoted the use of eco-friendly materials to contribute to sustainable development. If you want to try eco-friendly eyewear, I think we're on the same page!

High Quality Women's Eyeglasses

We are proud of our men's eyewear, we produce high quality eyewear on the cheap without sacrificing quality, I always put the quality of the product in the first place, customer satisfaction is our lifelong pursuit.

Premium Titanium Materials

Premium titanium is a material that is becoming increasingly popular in the eyewear industry, mainly because it offers a number of unique benefits. Firstly, titanium is extremely lightweight, which makes the glasses made more comfortable to wear, especially if they need to be worn for long periods of time. Secondly, titanium is extremely resistant to corrosion, meaning that eyeglass frames will not be damaged by sweat or other common chemicals, ensuring the long-term durability of the product. Additionally, titanium is a strong material that maintains excellent stability and durability even when extremely thin, which is an important characteristic for eyeglass frames.

The eyewear industry chooses to use premium titanium materials mainly because it combines the three main elements of lightness, durability and comfort. The lightweight nature reduces pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears, durability means that consumers can enjoy a longer-lasting experience, and comfort ensures that there is no discomfort even after prolonged wear. Additionally, the titanium material has a certain amount of elasticity that allows the eyewear frame to bend slightly without breaking, providing better adaptability and durability. These properties make premium titanium ideal for making high-quality, stylish and comfortable eyewear.

Premium Titanium Materials women Eyeglasse
Men Eyeglasses Material

Women Acetate Eyeglasse Production Process

The process of making women’s acetate eyeglasses is actually quite interesting, like making a small piece of art. First, we had to pick out beautiful sheets of acetate, just like picking out a canvas. Not only does this material come in a variety of colors, it’s also strong and super comfortable to wear on your face.

Then, just like a sculptor, a special machine cuts these sheets into the shape of the glasses. The next step is the shaping process, where the frames are slowly molded by heat pressing or other means, like clay sculptures to create beautiful shapes.

The next step is sanding and polishing, which is particularly important and is like a cosmetic treatment for eyeglasses. By constantly buffing, every corner of the glasses is made smooth and shiny.

Finally, it’s time to put on the little accessories like the hinges and the nosepiece, just like putting a little jewelry on your glasses. Then, after careful inspection to ensure that each pair of glasses is flawless, they are carefully packaged and ready to be delivered to their new owners.

The whole process is like magic, transforming ordinary materials into functional and stylish eyewear, with creativity and fine craftsmanship at every step.

Diversity in Women's Eyewear Styles

The diversity of women’s eyewear styles can be viewed in several different ways, and each style has its own unique charms and characteristics that suit different personalities and occasions:

Classic styles:

  • Cat eyeglass frames: this style has upward curved edges with vintage elegance, perfect for ladies pursuing a classic sense of fashion.
  • Round frames: round glasses give a sense of literary retro, suitable for women who pursue individuality and retro style.

Modern fashion models:

  • Square or geometric-shaped frames: these modern style frames usually have well-defined edges and clean lines, suitable for women pursuing a minimalist modern style.
  • Large Frames: Large frames are a regular feature in the fashion world, adding a sense of style to an outfit while protecting the eyes from direct sunlight to a certain extent.

Sporty and casual:

  • Lightweight plastic frames: these glasses are lightweight and durable for women who enjoy outdoor activities or play sports regularly.
  • Sunglasses style glasses: Combining the UV protection of sunglasses and the vision correction of regular glasses, these glasses are suitable for use during outdoor activities.

Exquisite luxury models:

  • Frames with crystals or metal decorations: these glasses are usually exquisitely designed with decorative crystal or metal details, suitable for important occasions or for women who want to add a touch of luxury.

Functional Eyewear:

  • Folding glasses: these glasses can be folded up and are perfect for traveling or for occasions where you need to save space.
  • Anti-blue light glasses: designed for women who spend a lot of time on computers or digital devices, they can effectively reduce the damage caused by blue light to the eyes.
Diversity in Women's Eyewear Styles

Personalized Customized Model:

  • The color, material and even unique design elements of the frames can be customized according to individual preferences and needs, completely personalized.

Each style has its own unique design and purpose, and you can choose the right glasses according to your personal preference, face shape, skin color and dressing style.

Why Choose QIngzi Optical to Customize Your Eyeglasses

eyeglasses factory
eyeglasses factory

Qingzi Optical is a company specializing in optical eyeglasses, mainly supplying women eyeglasses on wholesale basis. We offer a full range of Wholesale women Eyeglasses services. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we have accumulated in-depth expertise and skills in the field of eyewear production, and are able to fulfill a wide range of orders, from small to large, with efficiency and precision.

We offer a wide range of services, including private label and personalized white label eyewear, to meet the individual needs of different customers. We have a wide range of products, including sunglasses, presbyopes, sports glasses and optical eyewear to meet different occasions and functional needs.

We have extremely stringent requirements for product quality, and all of our eyeglass frames and lenses comply with internationally recognized quality standards, including ISO and CE standards. These stringent quality assurance standards have earned us a high level of trust and reliance from our valued customers.

If you are interested in Qingzi Optical’s ability to manufacture women’s eyeglasses, please feel free to contact us or request a quote for more information. We look forward to working with you to explore more business possibilities.

Customized Women Sunglasses

Customized Women Sunglasses

We not only produce women’s eyeglasses and presbyopes, but we also produce fashionable women’s sunglasses, including polarized sunglasses, reading sunglasses, mirror sunglasses, photochromic sunglasses and so on!

A variety of sunglasses lenses are available:

  • Color
  • Polarized
  • Mirror
  • Photochromic
  • Night vision
  • High Definition Nylon
  • Ordinary pc lenses

Please contact QIngzi Optical for professional guidance and assistance.

Women's Eyewear Styles Preferred by Wholesale Customers

Women’s Eyewear Styles Preferred by Wholesale Customers

A hugely popular style of women’s eyeglasses on the wholesale market:

Cat Eye: Heck, this is the most popular among women! Cat eyeglasses are just like its name, a little mysterious and a little mischievous. Its corners are turned upwards, giving it a chic and playful look. Ladies who like a bit of vintage style and want a bit of fashion are usually in love with these glasses.

Aviator: Originally designed for pilots, these glasses are now a fashion favorite. Its design is synonymous with “cool” and it suits almost every face shape, giving you that “I know fashion” feeling.

Round glasses: Round eyeglass frames give a retro feel. Women who like a little fresh style or want to soften their angular face shape often choose these.

Square Eyeglasses: The square style is simple and modern. If you have a round or oval face shape, these glasses will help you visually balance out your face shape and make you look both professional and stylish.

Titanium Frame Eyeglasses: Speaking of this one, I have to mention how lightweight and durable it is. Titanium frame eyeglasses are like the lightweight champions of the eyewear world and are so comfortable to wear that you almost forget they’re there. Whether you’re going to wear them all day in the office or out shopping on the weekend, it’s a great choice.


Want to wholesale women’s optical eyeglass frames? It’s actually a fairly simple and fun process, especially for businesses that want to expand their business or offer their customers a diverse selection of eyeglasses. Here are a few steps to help you get wholesale with ease:

Market Research:

First, find out what the market demand is. Find out what styles are popular now, which ones are the most popular, and what kind of customer base you are targeting.
Find the right suppliers:

Search online or attend industry trade shows to find reliable suppliers of eyeglass frames. You can look for manufacturers that specialize in women’s optical eyeglass frames, who usually have a better understanding of market trends.
Sample Evaluation:

Ask the supplier for a few samples before you decide to place a big order. Check the quality, comfort and design of the samples yourself to make sure they meet your needs and standards.
Price and terms negotiation:

Discuss prices, minimum order quantities, payment terms and delivery times with your supplier. Wholesale purchases usually allow for better pricing, but it’s also important to be mindful of inventory management and liquidity.
Customized services:

If you want to offer unique products, ask the supplier if they offer customized services, such as private labels, special designs or special colors.
Place and track orders:

After confirming the order details, you can place the order. After that, keep a close eye on the production and delivery of the order to make sure everything goes smoothly.
Receive goods and check:

Upon receiving the goods, double-check for any damages or quality issues and make sure the quantity is correct.
Sales and Marketing:

Once you’ve got your eyeglass frames, it’s time to start selling. Sales and promotion can be done through online stores, social media or local stores.
Remember that good communication and long term relationships are very important for a wholesale business. Always maintain good communication with your suppliers, this will ensure that you continue to get high quality products and respond to market changes in a timely manner. Good luck with your wholesale business!

If you’re looking for factories that wholesale trendy eyeglasses for women, here are some notable options:

  1. Qingzi Optical: Known for their wide range of women’s eyewear including sunglasses, reading glasses, sports glasses, and optical glasses. They are recognized for adhering to strict quality standards, including ISO and CE standards, and offer services like private labeling and personalized white label glasses.
  2. Wohu Optical: This factory specializes in designing and producing various types of eyeglasses, including optical frames, blue light glasses, and reading glasses, along with sunglasses and prescription lenses. They have established a good reputation in over 60 countries​​.
  3. Opticians Club: Offers wholesale eyeglasses at manufacturer prices with a large selection of over 1 million trendy eyewear products. They focus on minimizing investments and risks for their customers while ensuring quality​​.
  4. Optyfashion: Provides a wide range of sunglasses and optical frames from 100 top-notch brands. They offer regularly updated collections and emphasize a combination of reliability and style in their wholesale offerings​​.
  5. Eyeglass Wearhouse: A wholesale designer optical outlet that offers a variety of eyewear styles for men, women, children, and seniors. Their range includes single-vision lenses, bifocals, and various frame styles like full frames, semi-rimless, and rimless​​.
  6. D2D Eyewear: Specializes in wholesale women’s eyeglasses and offers discounts on bulk orders. Their range includes acetate plastic, TR90, and metal frames among others​​.

Each of these factories offers a unique array of trendy women’s eyeglasses, catering to different styles and needs. Whether it’s for fashion-forward designs or functional eyewear, these suppliers provide a diverse range of options for your wholesale requirements.

Sourcing wholesale women’s eyeglasses can be an exciting venture, especially if you have a knack for spotting trends and understanding your customers’ needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make the process smooth and successful:

  1. Understand Your Market:

    • First, get a clear picture of who your customers are. What styles do they prefer? Are they into the latest fashion trends, or do they favor classic, timeless pieces? Understanding their preferences will help you choose the right products.
  2. Research Current Trends:

    • Stay updated with the latest trends in women’s eyeglasses. You can check fashion magazines, follow industry influencers, or attend optical trade shows to get insights.
  3. Identify Potential Suppliers:

    • Look for reputable suppliers who specialize in women’s eyeglasses. You can find them through online directories, B2B marketplaces, industry trade shows, or recommendations from other businesses in the industry.
  4. Evaluate the Quality and Price:

    • Once you’ve identified potential suppliers, evaluate the quality of their products. Check for materials used, craftsmanship, and durability. Also, compare prices to ensure you’re getting a good deal.
  5. Order Samples:

    • Before placing a large order, ask for samples. This allows you to physically check the quality of the eyeglasses and see if they match your expectations and your clients’ needs.
  6. Negotiate Terms:

    • Once satisfied with the sample quality, negotiate terms with the supplier. Discuss prices, minimum order quantities, payment terms, delivery schedules, and return policies.
  7. Consider Customization Options:

    • Some suppliers offer customization options like private labeling or unique designs. This can help differentiate your product offerings in the market.
  8. Place Your Order:

    • After finalizing the terms, place your order. Ensure you have a written agreement or contract outlining all the terms and conditions.
  9. Plan for Logistics:

    • Arrange for the transportation of your order. Consider factors like shipping costs, delivery time, and customs duties (for international orders).
  10. Quality Check on Arrival:

    • When the order arrives, do a thorough quality check. Ensure that the products meet the agreed standards and specifications.
  11. Market and Sell Your Eyeglasses:

    • With everything in place, start marketing your eyeglasses. Use your understanding of your market and current trends to create effective marketing strategies.
  12. Gather Feedback and Adjust Accordingly:

    • Once you start selling, gather feedback from your customers. Use this information to make any necessary adjustments in your future orders.

Remember, building a good relationship with your suppliers can be beneficial for your business. It can lead to better prices, higher quality products, and more favorable terms in the future. Also, keeping an eye on market trends and customer preferences will ensure your product offerings remain relevant and appealing.

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