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Qingzi Optical specializes in wholesaling various styles of round eyeglasses, offering high quality, fashionable designs and favorable wholesale prices to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

Best Wholesale Ronud Eyeglasses Supplier

As the best wholesale supplier of round eyeglasses, we are committed to providing a wide range of high-quality, stylish round eyeglasses that meet the unique needs of different customers. Our products cover a wide range of designs from classic to modern, including metal frames, vintage styles, minimalist designs, and styles with unique embellishments. Our round eyeglasses not only focus on fashion elements, but also emphasize comfort and durability, ensuring that each pair of glasses is of high quality. We understand market trends and consumer preferences, so we continually update our product line to stay ahead of the curve. Our wholesale services include flexible customization options, with the ability to tailor colors, materials, and sizes to our customers' specific requirements. In addition, we offer competitive wholesale prices and excellent customer service to ensure that every customer receives the best possible shopping experience. Our team is committed to keeping an accurate grasp of fashion trends and ensuring that each pair of eyewear meets international standards through a rigorous quality control process. Our goal is to be the wholesale supplier of round eyeglasses trusted by customers around the world to provide unparalleled products and services. Whether you are an eyewear retailer or a large distributor, we can provide you with customized solutions to help your business grow and succeed.


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Features for Round Eyeglasses

Fashion Round Eyeglasses

With 20 years of experience in eyewear production and hundreds of partners, we develop and produce 1000's of Fashion eyewear, we keep up with the trends for your eyewear business. Contact us now to start cooperation!

Customized Round Eyeglasses

Provide customized glasses service, tell us the style you want, we can customize for you, material, size, color, pattern. 20 years of production process can make all kinds of glasses perfectly!

Eco-friendly Round Eyeglasses

We are an eco-friendly supplier and we have always promoted the use of eco-friendly materials to contribute to sustainable development. If you want to try eco-friendly eyewear, I think we're on the same page!

High Quality Round Eyeglasses

We are proud of our Round Eyeglasses, we produce high quality eyewear on the cheap without sacrificing quality, I always put the quality of the product in the first place, customer satisfaction is our lifelong pursuit.

Round Eyeglasses from different eras

Round eyeglasses from different eras show the evolution of fashion and cultural influences. Here are some round eyeglasses styles from various periods:

1920s: During this period, round glasses were often associated with vintage and elegance, usually with metal frames and more conservative colors.

1930s and 1940s: Round glasses continued to be popular in these two decades, with frames becoming more elaborate and materials beginning to diversify.

1950s: During this period, round glasses began to take on more fashionable elements, such as variations on the cat-eye shape, as well as bolder colors and patterns.

1960s: During this experimental period, round glasses became an icon of hippie culture, often paired with bold colors and patterns.

1970s: Round glasses became larger and more exaggerated during this period, often associated with disco culture and freely expressed fashion styles.

1980s and 1990s: The popularity of round eyeglasses waned slightly during these two decades, but they remained a retro and artsy style choice.

2000s to present: round eyeglasses are back in vogue as a fusion of vintage and modern styles. Modern round eyeglasses are more diverse in design, using a variety of materials including plastics, metals, and composites, as well as a wide range of colors and embellishments.

Round eyeglasses from each period reflect the social and cultural trends of the time, from classic metal frames to modern, diverse designs, round eyeglasses have always been an important part of the fashion world.

Round Eyeglasses
Round Eyeglasses

Round Eyeglasses in different materials

The design and style of round eyeglasses vary with the materials used. Different materials affect not only the appearance of the glasses but also their weight, comfort, and durability. Here are some common materials and their characteristics:

Metal: Metal round eyeglasses usually give a classic and sophisticated look. Commonly used metal materials include stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum alloys. Metal frames are durable, lightweight, and easy to adjust.

Plastic: Plastic round glasses are usually more lightweight and colorful. Acetate is a common high-quality plastic that allows for richer colors and patterns and is durable. Plastic frames are usually more affordable.

Wood: Wooden round eyeglasses offer a unique, natural look. They are an environmentally friendly choice and each pair of glasses has a unique wood grain. Wood frames may not be as flexible as metal or plastic, but offer a unique aesthetic.

Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber round glasses are very lightweight and strong. They offer a modern look and superior durability but are usually more expensive.

Titanium: Titanium is a high-end material known for its lightness, strength, and resistance to corrosion. Suitable for both business and casual settings, titanium frames offer the ultimate in comfort and durability.

Mixed Material: Mixed material round eyeglasses combine two or more materials, such as metal and plastic. This design aims to combine the benefits of each material, such as durability, weight, and comfort.

3-D Printed Materials: With the advancement of technology, 3-D printing is being used in eyewear manufacturing. This material allows for highly customized and innovative designs.

Each material has its own unique features and benefits, allowing consumers to choose the right material for their round eyeglasses based on their individual needs and preferences.

Round Eyeglasses Production Process

The production process of our round eyeglasses involves several steps, from design to final assembly and quality checks. Below is the process of manufacturing round eyeglasses:

  1. Design phase: This is the starting point of the process where the design team determines the shape, size, material and style of the glasses. The designer may use specialized software to create a 3D model of the glasses.
  2. Material selection: Depending on the design, suitable materials are selected, such as metal (titanium, stainless steel), plastic (acrylic), wood or mixed materials.
  3. Cutting and molding: The basic shape of the frame is cut from the selected material using precision equipment such as a laser cutter or CNC machine. For plastics and wood, this may also include a thermoforming or compression molding process.
  4. Sanding and Polishing: The frame is finely sanded to eliminate any irregularities or sharp edges. This step is critical to ensure wearing comfort.
  5. Painting and Decorating: The frame is painted to add color and a protective coating. Some designs may also include additional embellishments such as carvings or inlays.
  6. Assembly: Assembling the frame, hinges, nose pads and earpieces together. This often requires precise handwork to ensure that all parts fit correctly and operate smoothly.
  7. Lens Installation: Installing the appropriate lenses in the frame. The lenses may be prescription lenses or standard plano lenses, and they need to be precisely cut to fit the frame.
  8. QUALITY CHECK: Completed eyewear undergoes a series of quality checks to ensure they meet design and performance standards. Inspections may include durability tests, accessory checks and visual clarity tests.
  9. Packaging and Shipping: The eyewear is protected by proper packaging and is ready to be shipped to retailers or end consumers.

The entire production process emphasizes precision and detail to ensure that each pair of round glasses meets the highest standards of aesthetics, comfort and durability



Wholesale round eyeglasses can be profitable for several reasons:

  1. Consistent Demand: Round eyeglasses have a timeless appeal, making them perpetually in demand. This consistent demand is driven by their versatility in fashion and suitability for various face shapes. They are often seen as a staple in eyewear fashion, which translates into steady sales for wholesalers.

  2. Economies of Scale: In wholesale, buying and selling in bulk significantly reduces the cost per unit. This allows wholesalers to offer competitive pricing to retailers while still maintaining a healthy profit margin. The lower per-unit cost can be especially profitable if the eyeglasses are sourced or manufactured at a lower cost.

  3. Wide Target Market: Round eyeglasses appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers, from fashion-forward individuals to those seeking a classic or retro look. This wide appeal makes them a desirable product for a range of retailers, from high-end boutiques to budget-friendly stores.

  4. Versatility in Inventory: Wholesalers can stock a variety of round eyeglasses in different styles, colors, and materials. This versatility attracts more retailers, as they can source a diverse range of products from a single wholesaler, catering to different customer preferences and price points.

  5. Brand and Designer Appeal: Round eyeglasses are often associated with iconic figures and fashion trends. This association can be leveraged to market them as a must-have accessory. Wholesalers can capitalize on this by stocking both high-end designer frames and affordable alternatives.

  6. Low Overheads for Online Wholesalers: With the rise of e-commerce, online wholesale businesses can operate with lower overhead costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This reduction in operational costs can increase profit margins.

  7. Global Market Access: The global eyewear market is expanding, and wholesalers can reach international clients easily, especially through online platforms. This access to a global market allows for a larger customer base and potential for increased sales.

  8. Flexibility in Supply Chain Management: Wholesalers can adjust their inventory based on market trends, seasonal demands, and retailer feedback. This flexibility ensures that they can quickly adapt to changing market conditions, which is crucial for maintaining profitability.

In summary, the profitability of wholesale round eyeglasses is driven by their timeless appeal, economies of scale, wide target market, versatility, brand appeal, lower overheads for online operations, access to a global market, and flexible supply chain management.

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