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Discover our wholesale collection of unisex eyeglasses and explore the perfect combination of fashion and affordability. Our unisex eyeglasses combine fashion forward design with quality craftsmanship to ensure a comfortable and stylish wearing experience for every customer. Our wholesale unisex eyeglasses are made from quality materials that prioritize durability without compromising on aesthetics. From classic to contemporary, our collection covers a wide range of frame shapes, colors, and patterns to suit a variety of tastes. Whether your customers are seeking a professional look, a casual vibe, our unisex eyewear has something for all occasions. Expand your eyewear selection and appeal to a wider market.


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Fashion Unisex Eyeglasses

With 20 years of experience in eyewear production and hundreds of partners, we develop and produce 1000's of Fashion eyewear, we keep up with the trends for your eyewear business. Contact us now to start cooperation!

Customized Unisex Eyeglasses

Provide customized glasses service, tell us the style you want, we can customize for you, material, size, color, pattern. 20 years of production process can make all kinds of glasses perfectly!

Eco-friendly Unisex Eyeglasses

We are an eco-friendly supplier and we have always promoted the use of eco-friendly materials to contribute to sustainable development. If you want to try eco-friendly eyewear, I think we're on the same page!

High Quality Unisex Eyeglasses

We are proud of our Unisex eyewear, we produce high quality eyewear on the cheap without sacrificing quality, I always put the quality of the product in the first place, customer satisfaction is our lifelong pursuit.

What kind of glasses are unisex eyeglasses?

Unisex eyeglasses are designed to be suitable for both men and women. They often feature a style that is universally appealing and does not adhere to traditionally gender-specific design elements. Here are some characteristics of unisex eyeglasses:

  1. Frame Shape: Classic shapes like round, oval, square, or rectangular frames are common in unisex designs. These shapes are versatile and tend to suit a variety of face shapes.

  2. Color and Finish: Neutral colors like black, gray, brown, and silver are popular choices for unisex frames. These colors are easy to pair with various outfits and are generally appealing to all genders. Additionally, transparent or clear frames have gained popularity as a unisex option.

  3. Size and Fit: Unisex glasses typically come in standard sizes that fit a wide range of face sizes and shapes. They are designed to be comfortable for long periods of wear.

  4. Minimalistic Design: Unisex eyeglasses often have a minimalistic and clean design, avoiding overly ornate details that might lean towards a specific gender style.

  5. Branding and Marketing: Many brands market certain models of eyeglasses as unisex, highlighting their appeal to a broad audience.

  6. Material: Materials like acetate, metal, or a combination of both are commonly used in unisex frames. These materials offer durability and a timeless look.

Remember, the most important factor in choosing eyeglasses is how they feel and look on your face, regardless of the gender they are marketed towards. Personal preference and comfort should always be the primary considerations.

Men Eyeglasses Applications


A unisex eyeglass is a type of eyewear designed to be suitable for both men and women. These glasses are crafted with a style and design that is considered universally appealing, transcending traditional gender-specific design norms. Characteristics of unisex eyeglasses typically include:

  1. Versatile Frame Shapes: Shapes like round, square, rectangular, or oval are common. These shapes are universally flattering and can suit a wide range of face shapes.

  2. Neutral Colors and Finishes: Unisex frames often come in colors like black, grey, brown, silver, or transparent. These neutral tones are versatile, easy to match with different outfits, and widely appealing.

  3. Size and Comfort: They are generally made in sizes that fit a broad spectrum of face sizes and shapes comfortably.

  4. Minimalist Design: Unisex eyeglasses tend to feature a simple, clean design, avoiding overly ornate or gender-specific details.

  5. Material: Common materials include acetate, metal, or a mix, known for their durability and classic appearance.

The concept of unisex eyeglasses focuses on creating eyewear that is not specifically targeted at men or women but is appealing and suitable for anyone. The emphasis is on universal design elements that offer both functionality and style without conforming to traditional gender norms.

Distinguishing men’s glasses from women’s involves looking at certain design elements and stylistic features that traditionally align with masculine or feminine aesthetics. However, it’s important to remember that eyewear fashion is increasingly unisex and many styles are designed to be suitable for all genders. Here are some general differences you might notice:

  1. Frame Size and Shape:

    • Men’s glasses often have larger, wider frames to fit broader face shapes.
    • Women’s glasses might be smaller and can include more delicate or rounded shapes.
  2. Color and Patterns:

    • Men’s frames are typically in more subdued colors like black, brown, or gray, and might have fewer decorative patterns.
    • Women’s frames might include a wider range of colors, including pastels or bright tones, and can have more decorative elements like floral patterns or embellishments.
  3. Frame Thickness:

    • Men’s glasses often feature thicker, bolder frames.
    • Women’s frames might be thinner and more elegantly styled.
  4. Nose Bridge Fit:

    • Men’s glasses might have a wider nose bridge to accommodate a typically wider nose.
    • Women’s glasses may have a narrower bridge fit.
  5. Temple Design:

    • Men’s eyeglasses might have straighter, more angular temples.
    • Women’s frames can include more curved temples and sometimes decorative details.
  6. Overall Style:

    • Men’s styles tend to lean towards classic, understated, and functional designs.
    • Women’s styles often incorporate more fashionable, trendy elements.

Remember, these distinctions are based on traditional design norms and may not apply universally, especially in contemporary fashion where the lines between men’s and women’s eyewear are increasingly blurred. Personal preference and comfort are the most important factors in choosing eyeglasses.

Yes, eyeglasses can certainly be unisex. Unisex eyeglasses are designed to be suitable and appealing for both men and women, transcending traditional gender-specific design norms. Here are some key features of unisex eyeglasses:

  1. Universal Frame Shapes: Shapes like round, square, rectangular, or oval are popular in unisex designs. These shapes are versatile and tend to complement a variety of face shapes.

  2. Neutral Colors: Unisex frames often come in neutral colors like black, gray, brown, silver, or even clear or transparent frames. These colors are universally appealing and easily match different styles and preferences.

  3. Minimalistic Design: Unisex eyeglasses usually feature a simple, clean design with minimal embellishments, making them suitable for a wide range of personal styles.

  4. Standard Sizing: These glasses are typically designed to fit a broad range of face sizes and shapes, focusing on comfort for a diverse audience.

  5. Material: Common materials for unisex frames include acetate, metal, or a combination, known for their durability and timeless look.

The concept of unisex eyewear is to provide options that are not strictly categorized as “men’s” or “women’s,” allowing for more inclusive and versatile choices. The focus is on creating eyewear that is stylish, functional, and comfortable for anyone, regardless of gender.

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