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Welcome to Qingzi Optical! We offer a wide range of wholesale sunglasses for sale, and what’s more, we provide free shipping on orders of over 500 pairs!

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Welcome to your premier destination for best-selling wholesale sunglasses! As a leading supplier, we specialize in a diverse range of options to meet every need. Dive into our collection of wholesale promotional sunglasses, perfect for those seeking a minimalist, versatile style. Elevate your brand's visibility with our wholesale blank sunglasses, available for wholesale with customizable options to showcase your logo or message. For a unique touch, explore our wholesale printed sunglasses, offering trendy and eye-catching designs. Additionally, we cater to safety needs with our range of wholesale safety sunglasses, blending protection with style. Whatever your requirement, from personal use to bulk corporate orders, we provide high-quality, fashionable, and affordable solutions. Shop now and discover the perfect pair to suit your style or promotional needs!


Qingzi Optical is an online wholesale store with a vast in-stock inventory, established to eliminate the extra costs associated with middleman cross-selling. Our sunglasses are bestsellers both domestically and internationally, offering substantial profit margins. Whether you’re an individual buyer, a small-scale retailer, an online store, or a startup needing modest inventory, we’ve got you covered. We support your business by minimizing stock risks, and you can generate additional revenue through our wholesale sunglasses! Embrace the opportunity to elevate your business with Qingzi Optical!


At Qingzi Optical, we welcome every customer who visits our website, including sunglasses enthusiasts, businesses, student organizations, football clubs, families, and more. We offer sunglasses at wholesale prices to all. The prices you see now are tailored for individual consumers, but don’t worry. If you leave your contact information, our sales team will reach out to you with a surprise offer. No matter who you are, we’re here to provide you with exceptional value and service. Get ready for a pleasant surprise from Qingzi Optical!


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Features for sunglasses Wholesale

fashion sunglasses wholesale

Leveraging our 20 years of experience in eyewear manufacturing, we specialize in fashion sunglasses wholesale, wholesale novelty sunglasses, and unique sunglasses wholesale. We have developed and produced 1,000 popular eyewear styles for hundreds of partners, deeply understanding the latest trends. We can bring cutting-edge designs and products to your eyewear business.

custom sunglasses wholesale

Discover our custom sunglasses wholesale service, tailored for those seeking unbranded sunglasses or personalized eyewear with your logo. Perfect for enhancing brand visibility or special events, our diverse range caters to all styles, ready for your unique touch. Start your journey in personalized eyewear with us

eco friendly sunglasses wholesale

As an eco-friendly sunglasses supplier, we always advocate using environmentally friendly materials to contribute to sustainable development. If you're interested in trying out eyewear made from eco-friendly materials, I think we are on the same wavelength! Join us in our mission for a greener future.

high end sunglasses wholesale

Welcome to our world of top-quality sunglasses for wholesale. We're all about premium, luxurious sunglasses that are both elegant and long-lasting. We promise you're getting the real deal with us – no fakes, just high-quality, genuine sunglasses. Each pair is made with great care and top materials. Add some high-class style to your collection with our exclusive range.

Sunglasses Applications

Sunglasses are more than just eye protection; they’re a key fashion accessory for all kinds of occasions. Whether it’s protecting your eyes from the sun at the beach, looking sharp in business meetings, or reducing glare while driving, sunglasses are versatile. They’re great for sports, outdoor festivals, or just a casual day out. Sunglasses combine style with practicality, making sure you always have the perfect pair for any situation:

  • Party Sunglasses: Add a touch of glamour and fun to your party outfits.
  • Beach Sunglasses: Protect your eyes with style during sunny beach days.
  • Outdoor Sunglasses: Durable and stylish for all your outdoor adventures.
  • School Sunglasses: Trendy and comfortable for everyday wear at school.
  • Office Sunglasses: Professional and sleek, perfect for the workplace.
  • Bar Sunglasses: Make a statement in social settings with unique designs.

Our collection ensures that, whether it’s a professional meeting, a casual outing, or a formal event, you have the ideal sunglasses to complement your style and setting.”

Sunglasses Applications
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Sunglasses Material

  • Acetate: A premium material known for its durability and flexibility. It’s hypoallergenic and comes in a wide range of colors and textures. Acetate is favored for its ability to hold vibrant colors and unique patterns, making it a popular choice for high-fashion frames.

  • Polycarbonate: Lightweight yet exceptionally impact-resistant, polycarbonate is ideal for sports and safety sunglasses. It offers excellent protection against UV rays and is more shatter-resistant than plastic or glass lenses.

  • Metal: Common metals used include titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. Metal frames are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Titanium frames, in particular, are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and resistant to corrosion, making them a great choice for long-term wear.

  • Nylon: Often used for sports sunglasses due to its flexibility and lightweight nature. Nylon frames can bend slightly and return to their original shape, adding to their durability. They’re also resistant to heat and cold.

  • Wood and Bamboo: These natural materials are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly properties and unique aesthetic. Wooden frames are lightweight and comfortable, offering a distinct, rustic look.

  • TR90: A thermoplastic material known for its extreme flexibility and durability. TR90 frames are lightweight, comfortable, and resistant to stress cracks and chemical damage.

Each material offers distinct advantages, allowing for a wide range of styles, comforts, and functionalities in sunglasses. The choice of material often depends on the intended use, style preferences, and budget considerations.

Sunglasses Production Line

The production of sunglasses typically involves these steps:

  1. Designing: First, designers come up with new styles and create prototypes.

  2. Choosing Materials: They pick materials for the frames and lenses, like plastic, metal, or glass.

  3. Making Frames: The frames are made using the chosen material. This could involve molding for plastic frames or cutting for metal ones.

  4. Creating Lenses: Lenses are made to match the frames and are treated with special coatings for UV protection and reducing glare.

  5. Coloring: Frames and sometimes lenses are colored and treated for a nice finish.

  6. Assembling: All parts, like frames, lenses, and hinges, are put together.

  7. Quality Check: Each pair of sunglasses is checked to make sure they’re well-made.

  8. Packaging: The sunglasses are cleaned, labeled, and packed.

  9. Distribution: Finally, the sunglasses are sent out to stores or customers.

This process is all about combining style with functionality, making sure the sunglasses look good and protect the eyes.

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About QIngzi Optical best wholesale sunglass company

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Qingzi Optical is a leading wholesale eyeglasses and wholesale sunglasses company in China. We offer complete solutions and services, including inventory management and technical support, to save our customers money and time.  Here, we are committed to providing a perfect purchasing experience for your business. We offer high-quality sunglasses as well as outstanding service. Our team works diligently to meet your diverse and ever-changing needs. 

From the initial design to the final production, Qingzi Optical manages the entire process on time. We specialize in customizing Sunglasses in a simple and efficient way, tailored to your unique requirements and applications.  When your business needs our Sunglasses, trust Qingzi Optical. Contact us today!

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Wholesale Guide

Getting started with us is easy. All that is required is that you leave your email and phone number on our website.

No complicated process is needed, simple requirements only include:

  • Style, color
  • Quantity
  • Customization
  • Additional
  • Requirements

Please contact QIngzi Optical for professional guidance and assistance.

handmade glasses

Eyeglass Frame Design Options

  • Color: Choose any color – blue, yellow, green, red, etc.
  • MATERIALS: We can produce eyeglasses in any material available on the market, just tell us what you want!
  • Styles: We follow the trends and can customize fashion glasses and sunglasses for you!
  • Lenses: We not only wholesale eyeglasses, but also provide you with branded lenses and high quality private label optical lenses and sunglasses!


We are very glad that you choose to buy sunglasses from QIngzi Optical Wholesale, follow our tips you can follow the steps below:

1.Research & Selection:

Contact our 7/24 online sales team to learn more about our wholesale sunglasses collection.
We will send you our catalog and guide you to the styles that fit your business needs.

We have approved templates for you to inquire about the specifics of our wholesale:

Contact our customer service or sales representatives to inquire about specific models, pricing, minimum order quantities, and customization options (if available).
Request samples (if applicable):

If you are unsure of style or quality, ask if you can order samples. This helps make a more informed decision.

2. Discuss customization and branding:

If you need customized sunglasses or would like your logo on the product, please discuss these requirements with us. We can do 500 pairs with free customized logo. starting from one pair of glasses! Yes, you read that right . We have tons of stock waiting for your order!

3.Place your order:

Place your order after determining the style and quantity. Provide details about model, quantity, customization and delivery preferences.

4.Confirm payment terms:

Understand and agree to payment terms. This may include an advance deposit or full payment, depending on company policy.

5. Manufacturing and quality check:

Qingzi Optics will then proceed to manufacture your sunglasses. We normally carry out a quality check on all sunglasses to ensure that the product meets the agreed standards.

6. Shipping and Delivery:

Once manufacturing is complete, the sunglasses will be shipped to the address you specify. Confirm the mode of transportation and any associated costs.

7.After-sales service:

Upon receipt of your order, please check the product thoroughly and confirm the quantity. If you have any questions or future orders, please keep in touch with Qingzi Optics for after-sales support.
Please remember to keep all communication clear and keep a written record of agreements and orders to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, please remember to ask about our sunglasses return policy and warranty terms.

If you are looking for the best place to get wholesale sunglasses, Qingzi optical is indeed a good choice. Here are a few reasons why Qingzi optical is the ideal choice for you:

Wide range of products: we offer a wide selection of styles and types of sunglasses to suit every preference and need.

Quality Assurance: Qingzi optical is known for maintaining high standards of product quality.

Competitive pricing: wholesale purchases from Qingzi optical are cost-effective and offer competitive pricing that facilitates bulk purchases.

Customization options: They offer customization options that allow you to tailor the product to your specific requirements including branding and design preferences.

Reliable customer service: good customer support is the key to wholesale deals, and Qingzi optical is known for providing reliable and responsive customer service.

Efficient Logistics: They may have efficient order processing, production and shipping systems to ensure timely delivery of your order.

Industry experience: with their experience in the eyewear industry, they have specialized knowledge of the latest trends and technological advancements in sunglasses manufacturing.

Buying wholesale sunglasses in China involves several steps that can help ensure a smooth and successful buying experience. This is a guide that can help you:
Let’s get straight to the point, to buy wholesale sunglasses in China, this is the choice most people will out to make, low prices and excellent service. And the perfect political system, so that people do not have to worry about after-sales, scams worry. But in such a cumbersome process, for the first time for wholesale sunglasses from China, it is extraordinarily difficult, here I will briefly describe how to wholesale sunglasses from China? If you want to know the detailed tutorial, I will have patience to write it in our blog “How to wholesale sunglasses from China: Complete Guide”.

How to find sunglasses suppliers from China?

The first step, of course, is how to find which Chinese suppliers are available

Online B2B Marketplace.

Visit online B2B marketplaces such as Alibaba, Global Sources and Made-in-China. These platforms have tons of supplier listings and detailed information.

Industry Trade Show Visits.

Attend eyewear-related trade shows such as the China International Optical Fair (SIOF) or the Guangzhou International Optical Exhibition. These exhibitions are great opportunities for direct contact and networking with suppliers.

Supplier database searches.

Use commercial database services to find supplier information. These databases often contain supplier details and contact information.

Social Media and Professional Networking.

Search for eyewear suppliers in China on professional social platforms such as LinkedIn. Some suppliers may showcase their products and services on such platforms.
Agents or intermediaries.

Consider sourcing suppliers through professional sourcing agents or middlemen. They usually have a deeper understanding of the local market and can help you with negotiations and quality control.

Direct search and contact.

Search and contact companies that manufacture sunglasses directly on the web. Visit their official websites, view their product catalogs and communicate with them directly.

By this time you have a big list of suppliers from China on hand, but how can you find the right one for you?

Everyone’s needs are different, there are different groups of users who want to wholesale sunglasses: individuals, entrepreneurs with little money, e-commerce platforms, Amazon, shopfly, businesses, etc. Each group of people has different needs! What would I do if I were you? Understand what kind of supplier you need, of course!

First of all, understand what kind of sunglasses you want.
Do you need a low price?
Need a unique design?
Need to purchase in large quantities?
Need high quality?
Need extra prescription lenses and sunglass lenses?
Need great productivity?
Need special qualifications?
Need operational support?
Need factory inspection? …….
Each one of these relates to your business. Need to understand at the beginning of the business how we need the product.

The second step is to research suppliers:

Among the list we found, research their company profile, website, and their customers to know about their factory, design team, sales team, etc.. Check the supplier’s history, customer feedback and business license. If you are buying from outside China, make sure they have experience in exporting sunglasses.
And compare your needs one by one to find the most suitable company among them!

Step 3: Contact the supplier:

Contact the supplier through their listed contact information (email, phone or chat service on their website). Ask about their product range, pricing, minimum order quantities and customization options.
Request samples:

Before placing a large order, it is advisable to request samples to assess the quality of the sunglasses. Be prepared to pay for these samples and shipping costs.
Discuss customization and branding:

If you require a specific style, color or branding on your sunglasses, discuss these details. Ask about the additional cost and time required for customization.
Negotiate terms:

Once you’ve identified a supplier and product, negotiate terms such as price, payment terms, delivery time and shipping costs. Clear communication is key here.

Congratulations on coming to step 4, placing the order:

Once the terms are finalized, place the order. Make sure you have a detailed invoice or contract that outlines all agreed upon terms and conditions.

Step 5, arrange payment:

Comply with the agreed payment terms. This may involve paying a deposit against the balance due when the goods are shipped or received.

Step 6, Transportation and logistics:

Coordinate transportation with your supplier. Decide whether you will use their transportation services or arrange your own logistics. Make sure to track the shipment.
Quality control and inspection:

Consider hiring a third-party inspection service to check the quality of your sunglasses before they leave China, especially for larger orders.

Step 7, Customs and Importation:

Familiarize yourself with the import and customs regulations in your country. Make sure to pay all necessary duties and taxes to avoid delays in receiving your shipment.

Step 8, After-sales service:

Upon receipt of your order, please check the product. If there are any problems, contact the supplier for a solution.
Remember that due diligence is crucial in international trade. Take the time to ensure that the supplier is reputable and that the quality of the product meets your expectations.

To buy wholesale sunglasses online, especially from a site like Qingzioptical, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Website:

    Go to the Qingzioptical website and browse their range of sunglasses.
  2. Select Sunglasses:

    Choose the styles you like. Look for information on each pair regarding features, materials, and sizes.
  3. Fill in Quantities:

    For each style you select, fill in the quantity you wish to order. We have no minimum purchase quantity requirements for spot goods!
  4. Submit Your Order:

    Review your selections and submit your order through the website’s ordering system.
  5. Contact for Bulk Orders:

    If you are interested in purchasing in larger quantities and want to discuss lower prices, reach out to Qingzioptical directly. Use the contact information provided on their website.
  6. Inquire About Customization (if needed):

    If you require customized sunglasses or want specific designs, discuss this with their sales team.
  7. Confirm Order Details:

    Confirm all details including styles, quantities, prices, shipping costs, delivery timeframes, and payment terms.
  8. Make Payment:

    Proceed with the payment as per the agreed terms. This could involve a bank transfer, credit card payment, or other methods as per the supplier’s policies.
  9. Track Your Order:

    After placing the order and making payment, keep track of your order’s processing and shipping status.
  10. Receive and Inspect the Order:

    Once the order arrives, inspect the sunglasses to ensure they meet your expectations and quality standards.

Remember to read any terms and conditions on the Qingzioptical website, especially regarding returns and exchanges, in case you encounter any issues with your order.

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