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Mirrored eyewear is more common in eyewear for outdoor activities such as sunglasses and ski goggles because they provide good visual protection and a stylish look. Sought after by consumers! Yes . We manufacture such eyewear!

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What are mirrored glasses? It refers to the fact that the surface of the lens has been treated to create a mirror-like reflective effect that prevents one from seeing directly into the eye through the lens. These glasses are usually used in sunny environments as they mitigate strong sunlight and reduce glare. They are also a very popular style of eyeglasses nowadays. qingzi optical As a leading Wholesale Mirrored Eyeglasses supplier, we offer Mirrored Eyeglasses in a wide range of styles and colors, including a wide variety of lenses. Our affordable prices allow you to complete your eyeglass inventory with us and not have to go to anyone else. Request a quote today!


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Features for Mirrored Eyeglasses

Fashion Mirrored Eyeglasses

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Customized Mirrored Eyeglasses

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Eco-friendly Mirrored Eyeglasses

We are an eco-friendly supplier and we have always promoted the use of eco-friendly materials to contribute to sustainable development. If you want to try eco-friendly eyewear, I think we're on the same page!

High Quality Mirrored Eyeglasses

We are proud of our Mirrored Eyeglasses, we produce high quality eyewear on the cheap without sacrificing quality, I always put the quality of the product in the first place, customer satisfaction is our lifelong pursuit.

Mirrored Sunglasses lens

Mirrored sunglasses lenses are a stylish and functional choice in the world of eyewear. Let’s dive into what makes them special:

  1. Reflective Coating: The key feature of mirrored lenses is their reflective coating. This coating is applied to the outside of the lenses and gives them a mirror-like appearance. It comes in various colors, like silver, gold, blue, and green, adding a fashionable edge to the sunglasses.

  2. UV Protection: Aside from their aesthetic appeal, mirrored lenses offer excellent UV protection. The reflective coating helps in blocking out harmful UV rays, making them a practical choice for sunny days or outdoor activities.

  3. Glare Reduction: Mirrored sunglasses are particularly effective at reducing glare. This makes them a popular choice for activities like skiing, boating, and fishing, where sunlight reflection off surfaces like snow or water can be intense.

  4. Privacy: One unique aspect of mirrored sunglasses is that they conceal your eyes from view. This can be appealing for those who prefer an element of privacy and mystique.

  5. Durability: The mirrored coating adds an extra layer of protection to the lenses, making them more scratch-resistant. However, it’s important to handle them with care, as the mirrored surface can get scratched or chipped if not properly maintained.

  6. Variety of Styles: Mirrored lenses can be found in various frame styles, including classic aviators, trendy wayfarers, and sporty wraparounds. This versatility ensures that there’s a pair of mirrored sunglasses to suit every face shape and style preference.

In summary, mirrored sunglasses lenses blend fashion and function seamlessly. They provide excellent UV protection and glare reduction while making a bold style statement. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, going on a road trip, or just looking to elevate your style, mirrored sunglasses are a great choice.

Mirrored Sunglasses lens

7. Final Assembly: The lenses are then installed into the eyeglass frames. This step must be done carefully to avoid damaging the mirrored surface.

8. Packaging and Distribution: Finally, the completed mirrored eyeglasses are cleaned, packaged, and prepared for distribution. They are either sent to stores or directly to consumers who have ordered them online.

It’s worth noting that the mirrored coating on eyeglasses is more than just a fashion statement. It provides benefits such as reducing glare, making them practical for both everyday wear and specific activities like driving or sports. As with any specialized eyewear, proper care and maintenance are key to maintaining their effectiveness and prolonging their lifespan.

Mirrored Eyeglasses Production process

The production process of mirrored eyeglasses is an intricate blend of precision engineering and careful craftsmanship. Here’s how these stylish and functional lenses are typically made:

  1. lens Material Selection: The process starts with selecting the appropriate lens material, usually polycarbonate, CR-39 (a plastic polymer), or high-index plastics. These materials are chosen for their durability, clarity, and suitability for receiving the mirrored coating.

  2. Lens Cutting and Shaping: The chosen material is cut and shaped to fit specific eyeglass frames. This is done using precision cutting tools, ensuring that the lenses are the correct size and shape. For prescription mirrored eyeglasses, the lenses are also ground to the necessary optical specifications.

  3. Cleaning and Preparing the Lenses: Before applying the mirrored coating, the lenses are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust, fingerprints, or other contaminants. This step is crucial to ensure a smooth and even application of the coating.

  4. Applying the Mirrored Coating: The signature feature of mirrored eyeglasses is the reflective coating. This is applied in a vacuum chamber through a process called vacuum deposition. During this process, metallic substances (such as aluminum or silver) are vaporized and then adhere to the surface of the lenses, creating a thin, uniform mirrored layer.

  5. Adding Additional Coatings: After the mirrored coating is applied, additional layers may be added for enhanced protection and performance. These can include anti-scratch coatings to extend the life of the lenses, anti-reflective coatings to reduce glare from the backside of the lenses, and UV-blocking layers for added eye protection.

  6. Quality Check: After coating, the lenses undergo a rigorous quality check. This includes inspecting the uniformity of the mirror coating, ensuring there are no imperfections, and verifying that the lenses meet optical standards.



When venturing into the wholesale of mirrored sunglasses, several crucial factors must be considered to ensure success. Here’s a guide to what you should pay attention to:

  1. Quality Assurance: The quality of your sunglasses is paramount. Ensure that the mirrored lenses offer adequate UV protection and are durable. High-quality lenses and frames will satisfy customers and encourage repeat business.

  2. Supplier Reliability: Choose reliable manufacturers or suppliers who can consistently provide high-quality products. Research their reputation, read reviews, and possibly visit the manufacturing facilities if possible. Consistency in quality and supply is key for maintaining your business reputation.

  3. Trend Awareness: Mirrored sunglasses are fashion items, so staying abreast of current and upcoming trends is essential. This includes being aware of popular colors, shapes, and sizes that are in demand.

  4. Diverse Inventory: Offer a variety of styles to appeal to a broader customer base. Include different frame materials, lens colors, and shapes. Having a diverse range ensures you can cater to various preferences and market segments.

  5. Competitive Pricing: Since mirrored sunglasses are a popular item, the market can be competitive. It’s crucial to price your products competitively while still maintaining a good profit margin. Consider bulk purchasing to get better prices from suppliers.

  6. Legal Compliance: Make sure that your products comply with relevant safety and quality standards. This includes ensuring that the sunglasses provide adequate UV protection, which is a legal requirement in many regions.

  7. Effective Marketing: Develop a strong marketing strategy. Utilize both online and offline marketing channels to reach your target audience. High-quality images, engaging descriptions, and an active social media presence can help in attracting and retaining customers.

  8. Customer Feedback: Pay attention to customer feedback and reviews. This can provide insights into what’s working well and what might need improvement. Customer feedback is invaluable for product development and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  9. Inventory Management: Efficiently manage your inventory to avoid overstocking or stockouts. Use inventory management software or systems to keep track of stock levels, sales trends, and reorder times.

  10. Shipping and Handling: Ensure that you have a reliable logistics process in place. This includes careful packaging to prevent damage and choosing efficient shipping services to ensure timely delivery.

  11. After-Sales Service: Providing excellent customer service, including dealing with returns and exchanges efficiently, can greatly enhance customer loyalty and your business reputation.

By focusing on these areas, you can effectively navigate the complexities of wholesaling mirrored sunglasses and build a successful business in this fashionable and ever-evolving market.

When looking for manufacturers for wholesale mirrored sunglasses, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure you partner with the right ones. Here’s what you should focus on:

  1. Quality of Products: The foremost consideration should be the quality of the sunglasses. Ensure that the lenses provide proper UV protection and are durable. The frames should also be well-made and sturdy.

  2. Range of Styles: Look for manufacturers that offer a wide range of styles and designs. Having a diverse selection is crucial in the fashion accessory market, as it caters to different customer preferences.

  3. Pricing: Competitive pricing is essential for maintaining profitability while being able to offer attractive prices to your customers. Compare prices from various manufacturers to find the best balance between cost and quality.

  4. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs): Manufacturers often have MOQs. Ensure that their MOQ aligns with your business needs and storage capabilities. Smaller businesses might prefer manufacturers with lower MOQs.

  5. Compliance and Certifications: The manufacturer should comply with all relevant safety and quality standards. Check for certifications that assure the products meet international standards for UV protection and material safety.

  6. Reputation and Reliability: Research the manufacturer’s reputation in the market. Look for reviews or testimonials from other businesses that have worked with them. A reliable manufacturer should have a proven track record of timely deliveries and consistent product quality.

  7. Customization Options: If you plan to offer unique products, check if the manufacturer provides customization options. This can include custom colors, lens types, or branded detailing on the sunglasses.

  8. Location and Shipping: Consider where the manufacturer is located, as this can affect shipping costs and times. Manufacturers closer to your business location might offer lower shipping costs and faster delivery times.

  9. Communication and Customer Service: Good communication is key to a successful partnership. The manufacturer should be responsive and helpful, addressing any queries or concerns promptly.

  10. Sustainability Practices: If sustainability is a concern for your brand, look for manufacturers who employ eco-friendly practices in their production processes.

  11. Sample Orders: Before placing a large order, consider requesting samples. This allows you to personally assess the quality and design of the sunglasses.

When searching for these manufacturers, you can start by attending trade shows, searching online B2B marketplaces, or using industry-specific directories. Networking with others in the industry can also provide valuable leads and insights. Remember, choosing the right manufacturer is a crucial step in building a successful wholesale business in mirrored sunglasses.

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