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Welcome to our premium selection where bulk reading glasses wholesale meets diverse needs. Our collection encompasses everything from cost-effective, cheap reading glasses for those on a budget, to luxurious, wholesale designer reading glasses for a touch of elegance. We also specialize in high power reading glasses at wholesale prices, ensuring that higher prescriptions are catered for with the same quality and style. Ideal for retailers and businesses, our range offers a perfect blend of affordability, variety, and quality, making us your go-to source for wholesale reading glasses.


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Fashion Reading Glasses Wholesale

With 20 years of experience in eyewear production and hundreds of partners, we develop and produce 1000's of Fashion eyewear, we keep up with the trends for your eyewear business. Contact us now to start cooperation!

Custom Reading Glasses Wholesale

Provide customized glasses service, tell us the style you want, we can customize for you, material, size, color, pattern. 20 years of production process can make all kinds of glasses perfectly!

Eco Friendly Reading Glasses Wholesale

We are an eco-friendly supplier and we have always promoted the use of eco-friendly materials to contribute to sustainable development. If you want to try eco-friendly eyewear, I think we're on the same page!

High Quality Reading Glasses Wholesale

We are proud of our Reading Glasses, we produce high quality eyewear on the cheap without sacrificing quality, I always put the quality of the product in the first place, customer satisfaction is our lifelong pursuit.

Reading glasses lens

Reading glasses lenses are specifically designed to aid in close-up vision, primarily for activities like reading, sewing, or using a smartphone. Here’s what makes them unique:

Focused on Near Vision

  • Magnification: These lenses have magnifying properties. They are available in different strengths, typically ranging from +1.00 to +3.50 diopters, which refers to the degree of magnification.
  • Single Vision lenses: Unlike bifocals or progressives, standard reading glasses have a single vision lens, meaning the entire lens is dedicated to near vision.

Lens Types

  • Full Frame: The entire lens is a reading lens, suitable for those who spend long periods focusing on close-up tasks.
  • Half Frame (Half-Eye): Smaller, sit lower on the nose, and allow the wearer to look down for reading and up for distance vision.
Reading glasses lens
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Reading glasses lens​ material

Lens Material and Coatings

  • Polycarbonate or Plastic: Common materials that offer durability and lighter weight.
  • Blue Light Blocking: Some reading glasses come with coatings that filter blue light from screens, reducing eye strain.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Helps reduce glare from artificial light.

Customization Options

  • Prescription Reading Glasses: For those needing a specific correction, prescription options are available.
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC): Readily available and suitable for general use, OTC reading glasses are a convenient choice for minor vision correction.

About QIngzi Optical Wholesale Reading Glasses Company

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We at Qingzi Optical take pride in being a prominent figure in the wholesale reading glasses market, celebrated for our unwavering dedication to quality, diversity, and cost-effectiveness. Our company has become the go-to choice for businesses looking to buy reading glasses wholesale. Thanks to our comprehensive selection, we cater to a wide range of customer preferences and needs. As a committed participant in the optical sector, we have skillfully established a unique position by providing a vast array of reading glasses. This approach allows us to meet the varied demands of our global clientele, who seek both quality and affordability in their purchases.

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Wholesale Reading Glasses Guide

Getting started with us is easy. All that is required is that you leave your email and phone number on our website.

There is no need for a complicated process, simple requirements only include:

  • Style, color
  • Quantity
  • Customization
  • Additional Requirements

Please contact QIngzi Optical for professional guidance and assistance.

Aging Frame Design Options

Aging Frame Design Options

  • Color: Choose any color – blue, yellow, green, red, etc.
  • Material: We can produce glasses in any material available on the market, just tell us what you want!
  • Styles: We follow the trends and can customize your fashionable presbyopes and sunglasses!
  • Lenses: We not only wholesale eyeglasses, but also provide you with branded optical lenses and high quality private label presbyopes and sunglasses!


Reading glasses are essential for enhancing near vision, especially as we age. To ensure they remain effective and in good condition, proper usage and maintenance are key. Here’s how to get the most out of your reading glasses:

Usage Tips:

  1. Correct Strength: Ensure you’re using the right power for your needs. If you’re unsure, have your eyes tested by an optometrist.
  2. For Near Tasks: Use them for close-up activities like reading, sewing, or using digital devices.
  3. Take Breaks: To avoid eye strain, follow the 20-20-20 rule – every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.
  4. On and Off with Care: Handle your glasses gently. Use both hands to put them on and take them off to maintain their alignment.

Maintenance Tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the lenses daily with a lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches and ensure clear vision.
  2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Don’t use household cleaners or tissues, as they can damage the lens coating.
  3. Proper Storage: When not in use, store them in a case to protect them from scratches and breakage.
  4. Keep them Dry: Avoid leaving your glasses in high humidity areas, as it can damage the frame and lens coatings.
  5. Regular Adjustments: If your glasses feel loose or uncomfortable, get them adjusted. Most optical shops will do this for free or a minimal charge.
  6. Avoid Heat: Don’t leave your glasses in direct sunlight or in a hot car, as excessive heat can warp the frames.

By following these usage and maintenance tips, you can extend the life of your reading glasses and ensure they remain a valuable tool for your near vision needs. Remember, regular eye exams are also important to check if your prescription needs updating.

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