The Hottest Retro Style Glasses in 2024 for Men and Women

The Hottest Retro Style Glasses in 2024 for Men and Women

The Hottest Retro Style Glasses in 2024 for Men and Women

When we think of retro style glasses, we often picture people from the past wearing round, thin metal frames. Back then, the need for glasses was purely functional, unlike today, where glasses serve not only as a functional necessity but also as a fashionable accessory! Since their inception, the style of glasses has continuously evolved, with more and more styles, brands, shapes, and colors revisiting retro glasses. Today, let’s explore The Hottest Retro Styles Glasses in 2024.

Are retro glasses still in style?

Absolutely! Retro glasses, like old jazz music, always retain their charm. These glasses carry a hint of nostalgia and add a unique sense of fashion to any outfit. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, a pair of retro-style glasses is definitely a great choice! Like classic old movies, they always find their stage as time goes by.

What kind of retro glasses are in style in 2024?

With the arrival of 2024, the trend of retro glasses is stirring once again. Imagine those styles that seem to step right out of old-timey film reels, returning to our sight. Whether it’s round frames, cat-eyes, or bold aviator styles, retro glasses always have a magic that takes us back to those classic eras. In 2024, the retro trend will reappear in a more unique and personalized way. Let’s get ready to revisit those classics and welcome the new wave of retro fashion! Let’s take a look at the 2024 retro glasses for men and women:


In the men’s fashion world of 2024, retro-style glasses are like magicians of time, carrying an eternal elegance and unbeatable charm. They are becoming an essential fashion accessory in every gentleman’s wardrobe, skillfully blending historical classics with modern trends. Be it round glasses inspired by the 60s and 70s, or bold oversized frames, Retro-style men’s glasses are like a fascinating journey through fashion history. They are not just a look back at the past but a modern reinterpretation of classic styles. Now, let’s explore these classic glasses and see how they define today’s men’s fashion.

  1. Retro Round Glasses: Inspired by the 60s and 70s, Retro-style round glasses are undergoing a revival. They exude intellectual coolness and are suitable for most face shapes, especially square or angular jawlines.
  2. Retro Square Glasses: Retro-style square glasses represent a neat and fashionable choice for men.
  3. Retro Thin Metal Frames: Thin metal glasses represent a minimalist and elegant choice. Made from materials like titanium or stainless steel, they are ideal for a subtle, sophisticated look. They are particularly well-suited for oval or heart-shaped faces.
  4. Retro Oversized Frames: Paying tribute to the 70s, oversized frames with warm retro colors and Havana patterns are trending. Oversized Retro-style aviator glasses are especially popular, with brands like Gucci and Versace offering some outstanding pieces.


This year’s retro-styled glasses are undoubtedly a highlight. These glasses are not only a warm remembrance of past fashion but also a perfect display of modern women’s personality and charm. From elegant cat eyes to clear Retro frames, each pair of retro-style women’s glasses is like a delicate piece of art, awaiting a perfect encounter with a fashionable woman. Let’s take a look at which retro-style women’s glasses will be the trend focus in 2024.

  1. Retro Cat-Eye Glasses: Cat-eye glasses, with their iconic uplifted corners and smooth lines, represent not just retro elegance but also a fashionable aura. This design is loved by women of all ages and adds a unique charm to any outfit, whether casual or formal.
  2. Retro Clear Glasses: Clear glasses, with their fresh and minimalist design, perfectly blend modern style with retro elements. This style is face shape-friendly and suits various skin tones, ideal for those who seek a subtle retro look.
  3. Retro Colorful Glasses: Moving away from past soft tones, this year’s trend embraces bold colors. Brands like Etnia Barcelona and Carolina Herrera have introduced brightly colored eyeglass frames, making wearers stand out with individuality and a sense of fashion.
  4. Retro Aviator Variations: Classic aviator glasses have also undergone modern transformations. Brands like Marc Jacobs and Cazal offer gold metal frames that are both fashionable and practical, suitable for various occasions, from casual to formal.
  5. Retro Oversized Glasses: Oversized glasses, with their unique confidence and unrestrained style, are a hot trend this year. These glasses suit almost all face shapes and offer better visual protection. Brands like Prada offer oversized frames that perfectly epitomize bold and luxurious styles.

What colors of retro glasses are popular this year?

  • Bright Colors: This year, retro glasses have abandoned past soft tones in favor of more vivid and bold colors. This shift means that glasses are no longer just practical vision aids; they have become important accessories to showcase personality and fashion attitudes. For instance, colored frames by brands like Etnia Barcelona and Carolina Herrera have become eye-catching focal points with their bright colors.
  • Classic Black: While bright colors are becoming mainstream, classic black maintains its timeless charm. Black frame retro glasses represent elegance and authority, suited for those who pursue classic styles. They are easy to match with various outfits, suitable for multiple occasions, from formal to casual.
  • Clear and Semi-Transparent Colors: Clear or semi-transparent frames are also one of this year’s trends. These styles are not only modern but also blend well with various face shapes and skin tones, offering a subtle yet fashionable look. Clear frames are particularly suitable for those who want their glasses to be unobtrusive yet stylish.
  • Warm Earth Tones: Additionally, warm earth tones like brown and amber are popular this year. These colors complement the retro style of the glasses, adding a vintage and cozy atmosphere. They are suited for those seeking a natural and vintage feel, especially blending well with the autumn and winter seasons.

Exploring Retro Glasses Styles Across Different Decades

The style of retro glasses has evolved over time, with each decade having its unique characteristics and charm. Let’s delve into the retro glasses styles of different eras:

  • 1960s Women’s Styles: In the 1960s, retro women’s glasses were known for their boldness and innovation. Glasses from this period often reflected a bold fashion sense and free spirit, such as large cat-eye styles and mod round frames. These designs often used bright colors and unique patterns, reflecting the artistic and cultural movements of the 60s. Cat-eye glasses were particularly popular, with their uplifted design adding a feminine charm and embodying the fashion avant-garde of that era.
  • 1970s Style: The 1970s retro glasses continued the trend of boldness and non-traditional styles. In this vibrant decade, glasses became bolder and more exaggerated, such as oversized and irregular geometric shapes. These glasses often used dark or gradient lenses, paired with striking metal or thick plastic frames. The 70s glasses reflected the era’s emphasis on individuality and self-expression.
  • 1980s Style: The 1980s retro glasses showed more diversity and experimentation. Common features of glasses from this period included bright colors, bold patterns, and futuristic designs. Frames became more refined and complex, often using a combination of various materials. Additionally, sporty-style glasses also became popular in this decade, reflecting the 80s focus on health and fitness.

Overall, retro glass styles from different decades each have their unique features, from the femininity of the 60s cat-eyes to the bold geometric shapes of the 70s, to the diversified and futuristic designs of the 80s. Each period’s glasses reflect the culture, fashion, and social trends of that era. By understanding these different styles, we can not only better appreciate the aesthetics of retro glasses but also draw inspiration to incorporate these classic elements into contemporary fashion pairings.

retro glasses women

how to style Retro glasses

Retro glasses are not just a fashion accessory but a crucial part of the overall look. Correctly pairing them with makeup and clothing can enhance the retro style. Here are some suggestions to help you better match your Retro glasses:

Makeup Pairing:

  • Eye Makeup: Retro glasses often have larger frames, so you can opt for slightly exaggerated eye makeup. With cat-eye or round retro glasses, try curled eyeliner or thick mascara to accentuate the eyes.
  • Face Makeup: Retro glasses pair best with fresh and natural facial makeup. Opt for nude or pink blush to create a retro and elegant style.
  • Lip Makeup: Choose lip colors that match the color and style of the glasses. For instance, bold red or plum lipstick pairs well with black or dark-framed glasses to enhance the retro feel.

Clothing Pairing:

  • Color Choice: Select clothes that coordinate with the color of the glasses frames. For example, black or brown retro glasses can be paired with basic colors like white, gray, or denim blue.
  • Style Consistency: Try to match your clothes with the style of the glasses. For instance, pair 60s-style glasses with A-line skirts and turtlenecks; 70s-style glasses go well with wide-leg pants and printed shirts.
  • Accessory Choice: Simple accessories are usually the best choice. Avoid competing with the glasses’ style by wearing exaggerated earrings or necklaces. Instead, opt for simple studs or slender necklaces to highlight the style of the glasses.

Will there be large retro glasses in 2024?

Certainly, large retro glasses could become a fashion trend in 2024. Fashion often circles back to classic old styles. Think of those 70s large-framed glasses – like vintage stars from old movies, they occasionally reappear in our sight. So, if you like large, nostalgic glasses, 2024 might be a great opportunity to showcase them!

Retro Style Glasses Online

When buying Retro-style glasses online, there are important tips and tricks to ensure you get stylish and practical glasses. Whether you need reading glasses, prescription glasses, or blue light glasses, the following advice can help you make a wise choice:

Retro Reading Glasses :

  • Style Choice: When choosing Retro-style reading glasses, consider typical retro elements like cat-eye shapes, large round frames, or bright colors.
  • Magnification Fit: Ensure you choose the right magnification level. When buying online, refer to your existing reading glasses or consult a professional.

Retro Prescription Glasses:

  • Accurate Prescription: Ensure you have an up-to-date eye prescription before ordering. Accurately input your prescription details like power, pupillary distance, etc., when ordering online.
  • Try-On Service: Some online glasses stores offer virtual try-on services, helping you preview how the glasses will look on your face.

Retro Blue Light Glasses:

  • Blue Light Blocking Technology: If you frequently use electronic devices, choosing glasses with efficient blue light blocking technology is important.
  • Comfort: Since you may need to wear these glasses for extended periods, choosing a lightweight and comfortable frame is key.

General Buying Tips:

  • Understand Return Policies: Ensure the online store has a reasonable return and exchange policy in case the glasses are unsuitable or unsatisfactory.
  • Measure Face Shape: Understanding your face shape can help you choose the most suitable glasses style.
  • Read Reviews: Check other customers’ reviews and ratings to understand the quality of the product and service.

With these tips, you can easily find retro-style glasses that match your personal style and meet your vision needs.


What are the popular retro glasses styles for men in 2024?

In 2024, men’s retro glasses are seeing a resurgence of classic round frames, aviator styles with modern twists, and bold geometric shapes. Sleek minimalism with thin metal frames is also a trend to watch out for.

Are there any specific retro styles trending for women in 2024?

Yes, women in 2024 are gravitating towards oversized frames, cat-eye designs with contemporary touches, and colorful statement pieces. Transparent frames are also popular, offering a subtle yet stylish retro vibe.

Can I find retro glasses suitable for prescription lenses?

Absolutely! Many retro styles are compatible with prescription lenses. You can easily find Retro-style frames designed to accommodate both single-vision and progressive lenses.

Are blue light blocking lenses available in retro styles?

Yes, you can get blue light blocking lenses in various retro styles. This feature is increasingly common as more people look for eyewear that combines fashion with eye protection from digital screens.

How do I choose the right retro glasses for my face shape?

To choose the right retro glasses for your face shape, consider frames that contrast with your facial contours. Round frames suit angular faces, while square or geometric shapes complement rounder faces.

Is it possible to try on retro glasses virtually before buying?

Many online retailers offer virtual try-on features. This allows you to see how different retro styles look on your face before making a purchase.

What are some tips for styling retro glasses?

To style retro glasses, pair them with outfits that either complement the era of the glasses or create a deliberate contrast. For a cohesive look, match your accessories to the style or color of your glasses.


The 2024 retro glasses trend showcases a perfect blend of the fashion world’s continued love for classic designs and a spirit of innovation. From men’s round frames and minimalist metal styles to women’s oversized and colorful statement pieces, these styles not only highlight individuality but also affirm the timeless position of retro styles in modern fashion. Whether it’s functional prescription lenses or protective blue light blocking technology, retro glasses meet the needs of contemporary consumers. The diversity and charm of these glasses styles ensure that everyone can find the perfect retro glasses that suit their style and needs in 2024.



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