The Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2024

The Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2024

The Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2024

What’s so hard about choosing sunglasses for a small face?

Have you ever encountered when you buy your favorite sunglasses, full of anticipation to receive, can not wait to put them on your face, found a bunch of problems, so that you are completely disappointed in the sunglasses like the author in the wear also encountered unsuitable sunglasses, This Ultimate Guide to Sunglasses for Small Faces is Worth Your Time:

  1. found that the sunglasses keep falling down, found that the frame is too large to cover the already small face, like a child wearing adult sunglasses. Too large or heavy frames may overwhelm your facial features, resulting in a disharmonious appearance.
  2. When we choose some popular sunglasses styles (such as large retro styles or oversized aviator styles) they may not be suitable for small face shapes as they may look overdone. The right sunglasses are more than just matching in appearance. Comfort is also very important. We have found that many shades on the market have nosepieces that are too wide and earpieces that are too long, making them uncomfortable to wear.
  3. Sometimes we need sunglasses that are both fashionable and functional (e.g., sports sunglasses), and there may be fewer choices of functional sunglasses designed for smaller faces.
    Is this the time to give up on the best accessory for fashion? Read this article to help you choose sunglasses with less effort, and watch some of Ray-Ban’s styles for small faces for reference!


What size sunglasses should I wear for a small face?

For choosing sunglasses for small faces, there are some specific sizing recommendations to consider:

lens Width: The lens width of sunglasses for small face shapes is usually between 47 and 52 millimeters.Qingzi Optical suggests that for small face shapes, sizes with lens widths of 52 millimeters and below are usually suitable for small face shapes.

Bridge Width: The bridge width (the width of the nose bridge portion) should be between 15 and 22 millimeters. Generally, for round frames, choosing a wider bridge width may be more suitable.

Sunglasses Arm Length: The length of the sunglasses arms (also known as the side supports of the sunglasses) should be between 130 and 145 millimeters.

Choosing the right size sunglasses will not only increase comfort, but also ensure a coordinated and stylish appearance. For small faces, it is an important principle to avoid choosing sunglasses that are oversized so that the frames do not exceed the width of the face and create an incongruous visual effect. At the same time, the right size of sunglasses can also better match the face shape and enhance the harmony of the overall look.

What size sunglasses should I wear for a small face?
The Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2024 3

How to read the size of sunglasses?

Regarding how to check the size of your sunglasses, usually the dimensions of your sunglasses or eyeglasses can be found on the inside of the sunglasses arms (or sunglasses legs as they are called). These dimensions are usually expressed in three numbers, the lens width, the bridge width and the sunglasses arm length, all in millimeters.

Lens Width: This is the horizontal width of each lens, measured at the widest part of the lens. It does not include the frame itself, only the clear lens portion. Lens widths are usually between 40mm and 60mm.

Bridge Width: This is the shortest span between the two lenses. It is the portion that spans the bridge of the nose and is usually between 14 mm and 24 mm.

Sunglasses Arm Length: this is the length of the sunglasses arm, from the hinge to the tip of the sunglasses arm. It is usually between 120 mm and 150 mm.

What is the best style for small faces?

Small round frames: round sunglasses are perfect for small faces because they add soft curves that balance out facial lines.

Small Oval Frames: Oval frames have a soft silhouette that suits a small face without being overpowering.

Smaller cat-eye frames: Cat-eye frames have an elegant and interesting design that can add a touch of mystery and vintage style to a small face.

Smaller Square Frames: If you favor a more modern look, smaller square frames are a good choice. They add some edge to a small face without looking overdone.

Aviator styles with non-wide frames: while aviator-style sunglasses are usually larger, choosing a design with non-wide frames can work well for smaller faces.

The Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2024

Trend Watch 2024: must-have styles for smaller faces

First of all, angular sunglasses are particularly popular in the sunglasses trends for 2024, such as square, rectangular and hard-rimmed frames, which you can see on the spring/summer 2024 shows of Chanel, Giambattista Valli and Louis Vuitton. And, there are futuristic sunglasses being shown at Off-White’s Paris Fashion Week show. For those with smaller faces, there are a few that are particularly recommended:

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses: these classic sunglasses are an awesome choice for smaller faces, they have a moderately proportioned frame that accentuates the shape of your face.

Gucci round frame sunglasses: these sunglasses are customized for smaller faces to ensure a perfect fit.

Prada cat-eye sunglasses: these uniquely styled sunglasses are especially suited to smaller faces and will elegantly accentuate your facial features.

Dolce & Gabbana’s lace sunglasses: these compact round frame sunglasses are not your average style, they offer the perfect option for smaller faces.

Burberry square-frame sunglasses: these sunglasses skillfully balance oversized frames with a design that suits smaller faces.

There are many other styles, such as the Versace Medusa Charm sunglasses, whose thin frames are particularly suited to small faces, or the Jimmy Choo square frame sunglasses, which are an excellent choice for small faces with a square face shape! .

Frames to Avoid When Choosing Sunglasses for Small Faces

Choosing sunglasses when we are small faces does require some care. Some styles may not be suitable as they may affect your overall appearance in an incongruous manner. Here are a few types of sunglasses frames that you may want to avoid:

Oversized Sunglasses: these types of sunglasses may cover a large area of your face, making your face appear smaller. While they may be stylish, they may not be the best choice for smaller faces.

Wide or thick frames: thick or wide frames can make a small face appear even smaller. Opting for something with a more subtle, streamlined design would be a better fit.

Heavily embellished frames: Sunglasses with large logos or heavy embellishments can look a little too much on a small face. In contrast, simple and streamlined designs will be more pleasing to the eye.


In the year 2024, small faces have a wide range of styles and brands to consider when picking out the best sunglasses for us. Prioritize fashion sense and comfort .. You can also pick the right glasses for your small face on our website!



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