How to Choose Glasses for Round Faces?

How to Choose Glasses for Round Faces?

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Not sure if you’ve got a round face shape?

We all know common face shapes like long, square, round, and oval faces, but there are also some more unique types, such as square-round faces. As the name suggests, this face shape is both round and square. While some square-round faces are easily identifiable at a glance, others may be confused with square faces. So, how do you determine whether you have a square or round face?

Do you have a round face shape?

Round-faced girls may feel that their faces are too chubby or not “sophisticated” enough, but finding the right style for your round face can have youthful advantages!

Many people think having flesh on their faces makes it round, but that’s not necessarily true. To determine if you have a round face, besides looking at the overall sense of fleshiness, you should also consider the length-to-width ratio of your face and the shape of your chin. A prominent feature of a round face is that it’s relatively short, with length and width being close. If your face is more elongated, you might have an oval or square face.

The chin of a round face is also distinctive. Unlike a pointed chin that narrows sharply or a square chin with clear bone structure, a round face has a soft, curving line, giving it a somewhat chinless appearance.

If your face has good flesh coverage, the length and width are close, and your chin is round, then you undoubtedly have a round face.

Some people may have a bit of bone structure, perhaps with outwardly flared cheekbones or a slightly square jaw. However, having a round face doesn’t mean it has to be perfectly circular. Common facial shapes can be somewhat complex. If people perceive you as having a plump appearance, with cheeks that are not sunken and a feeling of fullness on both sides of your mouth, you likely have good flesh coverage and belong to the round-faced category.

Some round-faced individuals may have outwardly flared cheekbones, but it doesn’t disrupt facial lines when viewed head-on. Their apple cheeks are full, and their faces don’t appear sunken, especially when they smile.

Others may have a lower angle at the jaw when viewed from the side, but from the front, there’s no obvious prominent bone structure. Their smiles appear even more plump and fleshed out, qualifying them as round-faced.

In summary, it depends on whether bone structure significantly alters facial shape. If cheekbones or jawbones are too pronounced, it might indicate a different face shape like a diamond or pear. Hopefully, these simple criteria will help you better understand your face shape.

What shape of Eyeglasses Is Best for a Round Face?

We have noticed a common problem that people with round faces often encounter – while admiring the glasses worn by other people genuinely think that they look too good, but when we try them on we may find that they are not very pleasing to the eye. For this kind of frustration, you should know what shape of glasses is suitable for a round face.

A round face, also known as a “baby face,” is a face shape that exudes cuteness and approachability, maintaining a youthful appearance with a hint of baby fat. So choosing glasses with angled frames can enhance the sophistication and dimension of a round face, and may also add a touch of style. Here are some recommendations for eyeglasses for round faces:

The Best Glasses for Round Faces

A round face looks cute and sweet, but it may lack the delicacy and refinement of smaller features. People with a round face have round cheeks, a wide width across the sides, a round forehead, and a circular chin, making the face appear short. This face shape lacks sharp angles, and the features are not very three-dimensional.

If you opt for round-framed sunglasses, it can make the face appear even shorter, resembling a pancake face. This face shape is suitable for frames that are long, narrow, square, or pear-shaped, as they can effectively balance the facial lines and make the chin look sharper.

Rectangular Frames for Round Faces

When it comes to the best choice, rectangular glasses frames with clear angles are definitely the top pick! Such frames effectively emphasize the facial contours, adding some angularity and dimension to a round face. Rectangular frames contribute to elongating the face’s silhouette, creating an overall more slender appearance. Moreover, they work well to counterbalance the soft features of a round face, resulting in a stylish and distinctive look.

When selecting rectangular glasses frames, it’s recommended to opt for a slightly wider style than the face, maintaining a better overall proportion and avoiding a too narrow look. Additionally, frames in dark colors or with patterns can attract attention to the eyes, diverting focus from the roundness of the face.

Geometric Frames for Round Faces

The second recommended style is Geometric Frames, which happens to be my favorite too (yes, I also have a round face)! These geometric-shaped glasses frames are highly fashionable and unique, often presenting hexagonal, octagonal, or other non-traditional shapes. This design brings a sense of fashion and personality to round faces, breaking away from traditional contours and adding visual depth to the facial features.

When choosing geometric frames, experimenting with bold colors or patterns can attract more attention. Additionally, designs with slight angles contribute to visually elongating the face, creating a more slender appearance.

Glasses for Round Faces

Frames to Avoid If You Have a Round Face

Avoiding overly round glasses frames is crucial, as they may further emphasize the soft features of a round face. Here are styles to avoid when you have a round face:

  • Circular Frames: Obvious circular frames accentuate the roundness of the face, making it more prominent.
  • Too Small Frames: Frames that are too small may fail to effectively balance the facial contours, making the face appear even rounder.
  • Overly Curved Frames: Frames with excessive curves emphasize the soft features of a round face rather than balancing facial lines.
  • Rounded Rectangle Frames: This style should also be avoided. While rectangular shapes inherently have some angles, frames that are overly rounded may not provide enough definition for a round face, making it appear less three-dimensional.
  • Excessively Heavy or Exaggerated Frames: These can make the face look larger and rounder. Oversized frames may overshadow facial features, and overly fancy or exaggerated designs may distract from highlighting facial lines.

Choosing the Right Glasses for Men vs. Women with Round Faces

Top Styles for Men with Round Faces

  1. Rectangular Frames: Angular rectangular frames are the savior of men with round faces! Not only do they add definition to your face, but they also give you a different kind of structure that is so trendy.
  2. Square Frames: A bold, masculine look in a square frame! Its angular design perfectly balances the soft features of your face, giving you a more determined look.
  3. Browline Frames: Thicker upper, eyebrow-shaped frames are stylish and unique. They not only add color to the face, but also draw the eye upward in a fashionable way!
  4. Aviator Frames: The classic tear-drop-shaped aviator frames make up for the lack of a round face by contrasting shapes. The slight downward curve adds a unique touch to your look.
  5. Geometric Frames: Fashionable men can break away from tradition with geometric shapes such as hexagons or octagons for a modern and stylish look.

Top Styles for Women with Round Faces

  1. Rectangular Frames: Like men, women can opt for rectangular frames to add angles and sophistication to a round face for a stylish look!
  2. Cat-Eye Frames: Cat-eye frames are perfect for women with round faces! The upturned corners add a touch of glamor and mystery to your face.
  3. Oversized Frames: Go bold with oversized frames for a feminine and stylish look! A chic and glamorous look, especially when paired with angular shapes for a fashionable attitude.
  4. Round Frames with a Twist: While avoiding traditional round frames, women can try frames with small angles or embellishments for a fresh take on the classic round style.
  5. Butterfly Frames: Butterfly-shaped frames with flared outer edges create an elegant, dramatic option for women.

How to Choose the Best Glasses for a Round Face

Choosing the perfect glasses for a round face involves considering frame size, overall fit, and style aesthetics. Here’s a detailed guide on each aspect:

1. Frame Size:

  • Width: Opt for frames slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. This helps balance the roundness and creates a more elongated appearance.
  • Bridge Width: Choose frames with a comfortable bridge that sits well on your nose, not too tight or loose.
  • Temple Length: Temples should extend straight back without early curving. This prevents the frames from squeezing your head, ensuring a proper fit.

2. Overall Fit:

  • Proper Alignment: Ensure frames align with your eyebrows to create a harmonious balance without emphasizing roundness.
  • Comfortable Nose Pads: If glasses have nose pads, ensure they’re comfortable without leaving marks or undue pressure.
  • Secure Fit: Glasses should sit securely on your ears without slipping. Adjust temples for a snug, comfortable fit.

3. Style and Aesthetics:

  • Angular Frames: Opt for frames with distinct angles, like rectangles or squares, adding definition and contrast to soft features.
  • Geometric Shapes: Consider frames with hexagonal or octagonal shapes to break the circular pattern and introduce visual interest.
  • Bold Temples: Frames with bold or detailed temples draw attention outward, creating a slimming effect. Look for interesting designs or decorations on the sides.
  • Avoid Overly Round Frames: Steer clear of circular frames as they may accentuate roundness. Choose styles that provide a pleasing contrast.
  • Thin and Light Frames: Thin, lightweight frames can be a good choice, adding minimal bulk and maintaining delicate balance on a round face.


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